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The easiest way to get around and discover foods in your city, hands-down.

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Summer Pinas-Saya in Sept. 08, 2018 at The Fairmont Winnipeg, 6PM #2 Lombard PL WPG

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Samantha Felly

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Eric Pyton

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How does it work?

We pick up things from your favourite store & deliver it straight to your doorstep. If you need someone to deliver your groceries, take-away restaurants or that dress you reserved for the party, our drivers can pick it up and deliver it to you on the same day, or at a scheduled date.

RATES - Our rates' are the most competitive in the market. No one else comes close.

BY THE DISTANCE - We have fixed rate based on distance travelled, and no additional charges.

FLEXIN' SERVICE - Fastfood or restaurants with no delivery service? 2 words: Fast-Drive..

CONVENIENT - No need to dress up, go out and line-up. get your items delivered to you.

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